Con-Report: Ottawa Comic Con 2014 (Canada)

Hey everyone <3!
Finally my report for OTTAWA COMIC CON 2014 is up *_*~

It was my first time in Canada and it was totally awesome <3



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New Costume: Moka Akashiya


Click on the image to see all photos :3!

New costume: Alter Saber

Click on the image to go to the full gallery!

Cosplay Guest: Nippon Nation (Austria) Animachina (Poland)

Hey friends :D!

I am happy to announce 2 more cosplay guest appearances this year!

19.-20. July



9.-10. August
together with Elffi <3

YAY! Happy to meet everyone in Poland and Austria <3!~~~
Anyone going?

greetings <3~

Cosplay Guest for OTTAWA COMIC CON Canada :3

Hey everyone!

my next con will be OTTAWA COMIC CON in Canada :D!
OMG I am SO excited <3! It is my first time in Canada and I will be there together with Elffi ^___^~~~
We are looking forward to meet new people and talk to everyone :D~
Please come over to say HI if you see us ^.^



I am already working on new costumes that I will bring. Still a lot to do!
My first new costume is already finished. It is SEEU from VOCALOID :D


Hope you like it ^.^

New Costume: Franziska von Karma (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

CLICK on the image to see the full gallery :D!

New Costume: Nidalee – League of Legends

Finally I have Nidalee also on my website ;DDD~
More photos soon!

New Costume: Hakufu Sonsaku – Ikki Tousen

Click on the picture to see the full gallery!!! <3

Con-Report: Akumakon Galway 2014 (Ireland)

Hey my friends,

I was very happy to visit AKUMAKON in Galway (Ireland) in January. Together with Elffi I went to Ireland for my first time ^.^~
I brought two costumes to the con: ALTER SABER and FRANZISKA VON KARMA :D….

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New Magazine Article: Cosplayer E-Zine No 18

I am really happy about this pretty feature for the cosplay magazine “Cosplayer E-Zine” from Portugal :)


2014: COSPLAYER E-ZINE (Cosplay magazine from Portugal)

Con-Report: La Mole Comic Con, Mexico City 2013

Hello my friends,

I was again cosplay guest in MEXICO CITY last December and here is my report!
The con was LA MOLE COMIC CON. The conventions I visit are usually more Anime/Manga oriented and it was my first experience with a more comic oriented convention. So I also did my first comic costume!


On Friday I visited the con as Siesta 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni :3. I had my own little booth where you coud buy prints, talk to me and make photos together.

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New Costumes: Saber (Battledress) + Saber (Armor)


Oh my my my my I never put those as costumes on my website :”D….I am slow! Now Saber is also here <3. Click on the cards to see the full sets!

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