New Magazine Article: Cosplayer E-Zine No 18

I am really happy about this pretty feature for the cosplay magazine “Cosplayer E-Zine” from Portugal :)


2014: COSPLAYER E-ZINE (Cosplay magazine from Portugal)

Con-Report: La Mole Comic Con, Mexico City 2013

Hello my friends,

I was again cosplay guest in MEXICO CITY last December and here is my report!
The con was LA MOLE COMIC CON. The conventions I visit are usually more Anime/Manga oriented and it was my first experience with a more comic oriented convention. So I also did my first comic costume!


On Friday I visited the con as Siesta 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni :3. I had my own little booth where you coud buy prints, talk to me and make photos together.

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New Costumes: Saber (Battledress) + Saber (Armor)


Oh my my my my I never put those as costumes on my website :”D….I am slow! Now Saber is also here <3. Click on the cards to see the full sets!


You can now buy signed prints of me and Elffi in our store <3~~

Click on the picture to go directly to the store ^___^~~~~

Contact lens recommendations :3!

I know many people have problems to find nice contact lenses. Some products do not over the own eye color enough and some are very uncomfortable.
I could find some products that work for me. Maybe they could be also good contacts for you :3~

you can buy them here:

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Con report: Iberanime, Portugal with photos <3

Hello my friends,

oh I am very late with this report. This time I wanna show you some photos from my travel to Portugal.
I got invited as cosplay guest for IBERANIME in Porto :3!


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New photos: Alice from Pandora Hearts :3

Have some crazy tea party with animals ;D!

Photos by theDevil

Alice (Pandora Hearts)

Alice (Pandora Hearts) Alice (Pandora Hearts) Alice (Pandora Hearts) Alice (Pandora Hearts)  Alice (Pandora Hearts) Alice (Pandora Hearts)

New photos: Evangeline A.K. My Dowell

I took some new photos of my Evangeline costume :3

Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima?!)

Con-Report: Tracon8, Finland

Yay! A new con-report!

This time me and Elffi were cosplay guests for TRACON in Tampere (Finland).
We had the duties to be judges for the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) preliminary Finland and we hosted a panel about “Cosplay around the world”.
I debuted a new costume: Perona from One Piece <3!


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New Photos: Hannah Annafellows (Kuroshitsuji)

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Next Convention: I will be guest for IBERANIME in Oporto, Portugal

Hey everyone <3!


I wanna announce my next convention: I will be cosplay guest for IBERANIME in PORTUGAL from 12-13th October.

I will be judge for the World Cosplay Summit preliminary and host 2 cosplay panels <3~

Really happy to meet you in Portugal :D!


Next Convention: We will be guests for TRACON8 in Tampere, Finland

Hello little bunnies <3,


I’m really happy to announce, that my partner Elffi and I will be cosplay guests for TRACON8, a convention in Tampere, Finland!

I’m very happy and excited to be in Finland again! We will have a panel on the convention and we will be judges for the World Cosplay Summit preliminary Finland :D.

see you there <3!


Tips and advices for conventions to invite guests ;D

Hello convention organizers,


some of you are already very successful in inviting guests for your conventions, some of you are new in the business and want to try to have international guests for their convention to make their local scene more outgoing and growing.

I want to give those conventions a few tips about how to organize and handle convention guests so your con can be as successful as you want it to be.


Why to invite guests?
If cosplayers, seiyuus, singer, dance groups, youtube stars or all kind of other artists, they can all help to make your con more successful. Even if not everybody on your con is the greatest fan, to talk to international people about the scene and to exchange experiences and to gain new friendships can be important for the happiness in your community. F.e. can a cosplayer from another country help a country to see the hobby of cosplay in another light and it can help people to develop and to solve problems in the scene. Also via the name of the artist, your convention can be visible for more people and more people that are interested in working with you can help you to get more sponsors for your convention. So in general, guest can help to let your convention and anime/manga/game/sci-fi/fantasy/etc-scene in your country to grow.


Tips to have a successful con with convention guests:


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New Costume: Rea Sanka

I’m happy to show you another new costume and shooting <3! I hope you like it!!!

Con-Report: Spellfair 2013, Turkey

Hello again, I’m back with another con-report as a cosplay guest :D


This time I went to Istanbul in Turkey together with Kamui as guests of honor and panelists to a new convention, called “Spellfair”.
The Convention was “just” one day, but it was a very exciting day full of program. Let me show you some photos ;D…

I wore my new made Nidalee costume from League of Legends <3~~~. Ready for the con? let’s go!

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Con-Report: Desucon 2013, Norway

Hello again :D!

I am back with my report about the DESUCON in Oslo (Norway) in June :3.

It was my first time in Norway and I was really excited. I was cosplay guest together with my boyfriend Elffi and my friend Kamui.

We got picked up and delivered to our wonderful hotel by the really nice con staff. The hotel was directly next to the con (that’s sooooo useful for us cosplayers *_* really!). Such a pretty room and OMG that breakfast in the hotel *drools* nomnomnom <3!!!

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New Costume: Patchouli Knowledge

Yossshhhh some more costumes, some more photos ;D!

Click on the banner to see all photos :3

Cosplay guest for “DesuCon”, Oslo (Norway)

Hello friends :D

I’m really happy to be in Norway on 29th – 30th June together with Elffi and Kamui <3

We will join the Magi cosplay group on Sunday *_*~~….feel free to cosplay with us from Magi. Let’s see what I will bring on Saturday .

We will be judges for the competition and make a panel about cosplay.

See youuu <3

New Costumes: Momoi and Winry!


Updated two new costumes on my website <3

Cosplay guest for COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY in Venice, Italy

More good news! Elffi Cosplay and I are invited to come to the COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY in the AQUALANDIA water park in Venice (Italy) as cosplay guests .

I’m super happy to go to Italy again *_*! I really love our trip to Italy last April for PLAY Modena. Now we will be back for the Cosplay Summer Party.


It seriously is a party with cosplay in an epic WATER PARK *_*!!! OMG plz have a look at their website *_*…they have a parrot show and a pirate ship and and and *amazed* ! It is a great chance also for us cosplayers to take photos in such a location ;D! Don’t miss that!
And for those who are not Italian: maybe combine a trip to Venice with the Cosplay Summer Party ;D!

OMG what shall I wear *_*? I seriously wanna go for a pirate costume XD~

all infos about the event here —>

Special thanks to Sweet Angel for this great chance !

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