Con-Report: Desucon 2013, Norway

Hello again :D!

I am back with my report about the DESUCON in Oslo (Norway) in June :3.

It was my first time in Norway and I was really excited. I was cosplay guest together with my boyfriend Elffi and my friend Kamui.

We got picked up and delivered to our wonderful hotel by the really nice con staff. The hotel was directly next to the con (that’s sooooo useful for us cosplayers *_* really!). Such a pretty room and OMG that breakfast in the hotel *drools* nomnomnom <3!!!

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New Costume: Patchouli Knowledge

Yossshhhh some more costumes, some more photos ;D!

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Cosplay guest for “DesuCon”, Oslo (Norway)

Hello friends :D

I’m really happy to be in Norway on 29th – 30th June together with Elffi and Kamui <3

We will join the Magi cosplay group on Sunday *_*~~….feel free to cosplay with us from Magi. Let’s see what I will bring on Saturday .

We will be judges for the competition and make a panel about cosplay.

See youuu <3

New Costumes: Momoi and Winry!


Updated two new costumes on my website <3

Cosplay guest for COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY in Venice, Italy

More good news! Elffi Cosplay and I are invited to come to the COSPLAY SUMMER PARTY in the AQUALANDIA water park in Venice (Italy) as cosplay guests .

I’m super happy to go to Italy again *_*! I really love our trip to Italy last April for PLAY Modena. Now we will be back for the Cosplay Summer Party.


It seriously is a party with cosplay in an epic WATER PARK *_*!!! OMG plz have a look at their website *_*…they have a parrot show and a pirate ship and and and *amazed* ! It is a great chance also for us cosplayers to take photos in such a location ;D! Don’t miss that!
And for those who are not Italian: maybe combine a trip to Venice with the Cosplay Summer Party ;D!

OMG what shall I wear *_*? I seriously wanna go for a pirate costume XD~

all infos about the event here —>

Special thanks to Sweet Angel for this great chance !

Cosplay Guest for SPELLFAIR in Istanbul, Turkey

Hey friends,

I am happy to announce that I am invited as a cosplay guest for “Spellfair” in Istanbul, Turkey :D!
It is my very first time in Turkey and I really look forward to meet new people there and to see how cosplay is in Turkey :D!

Con will be  held on 13th July.

See you there ;D!

Magazine Articles: COSTOP from China and MANEKO from Chile

Hello :),


I’m really happy and proud that I was allowed to appear in the cosplay magazine COSTOP from China! I got 6 wonderful pages. Thanks a lot that Kira Winter made this possible ^___^!!!

Also I got a feature in the magazine MANEKO from Chile :D! They picked some of my favorite photos. I’m really happy.


2013: COSTOP (Magazine from China) Vol. 23, 6 Pages


2013: MANEKO (Magazine from Chile) Vol. 23, Page 10 – 11

Con-Report: PLAY Modena 2013, Italy :D

Hello lovely people,

here my little con report for our tiny adventure in Italy.
Elffi and I were cosplay guests for the convention PLAY in Modena, Italy :3~.
A convention about all kinds of games (cardboard games, rpgs, larp etc) as well as TV/Movie and anime/manga.

On Saturday there was just a small cosplay competition. We were judges together with 4 lovely Italians :D!
I wore my Lacus Clyne costume :3~~~

I met the lovely “Sweet Angel”! A very cute and nice cosplay girl *_*! She is my favorite Yoko (so pretty ;O;!!)~~

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New Costume: Archbishop from Ragnarok + Neko from [k]

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Con-Report: Japan Weekend Madrid 2013, Spain

Hello everyone <3~~

I’m back from Madrid in Spain and have some photos and stories to share with you. Watch only the photos or read my crap as well haha XDDD it’s all up to you <3.

First of all, it was CRAZILY COLD!!! OMG x.x….it was like 5°C, but the crazily ICY wind made it ways colder.
The day we arrived, we had a really lovely dinner together with our friends from WCS Team Spain 2012 (<3!!), Kamui and her husband and met some new Spanish friends <3. Thanks a lot to Alberto to organize this dinner *hugs*.



First convention day! I wore my new Archbishop costume from Ragnarok Online together with Elffi as Shura <3
(I’m still not confident with my costume ;O;, but I had much fun wearing it ^^).
We went to a photoshooting with our sweet photographer Taichia who tried her best to take some pretty shots during a very gray and windy day >___<;!

Archbishop and Shura (Ragnarok Online) Archbishop (Ragnarok Online)

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PLAY COS in Modena, Italy: We will be cosplay guests <3!

Hello everyone!

I’m really happy to announce that Elffi and I will be cosplay guests for the convention “Play Modena” in Modeny, Italy in April <3!

Upcoming costumes! Neko from [K] *_*! Nyan!

Hello everyone <3!

some more pictures for upcoming costumes to show <3~~
see me (totally easy and nothing special ^^;;….) Neko costume :heart:!
Shooting end of February/March (it’s too cold outside before T_T. And I don’t like indoor shoots).

and some funny pic XDD

I hope you like it <3! I will still style the bangs better and make some more cat-like make up for the shooting!

Hakufu’s message to the fans! And the JAPAN WEEKEND MADRID cosplay schedule!

Here a photo of me with my Hakufu wig and make-up <3
I am really happy to have over 9000 followers on Facebook *_* (btw also over 5000 followers on DeviantArt <3)…..
so I made the picture with this sign :3




Also Elffi and I decided which costumes we will bring to SPAIN *_*!


Happy to be soon in Spain <3

More finished costumes: Hakufu Sonsaku!

Hey friends <3,


I just finished a new costume. I did a complete remake of my Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen) cosplay!

It is a very easy costume, but I also wanted to gave as much effort into this as possible. So this time, I ironed on the dark red stripes and then stitched the edges with the satin stitch. The white likes are completely embroidered! When unfolded, the skirt is 3m long. It took me 18h to make only the skirt.

What I want to show you: Also when you have no money or time to make big, detailed ball gowns or badass, massive armors, you can also proof your sewing ability on ‘smaller’ costumes! Also on simple stuff like this school uniform, you can proof that you work really neat and clean. Don’t be sad that people would think you are not a good cosplayer coz you cannot effort something bigger. Every costume can be something special and a challenge, when you have some great ideas!

Japan Weekend Madrid 2013(Spain) + progress

Hey everyone *_*~

Winter is rainy and nasty here in my corner of Germany, but I have some nice news :D

I’ll be at Japan Weekend Madrid in Spain from 9th – 10th February together with Elffi and another friend of mine and great cosplayer who I may not announce yet ;D

I’m really really excited to see some of my Spanish friends again <3 as well as meeting new people :D! So don’t be shy, just come over to say “Hi~” to us <3

We already decided our costumes for Saturday:

me as Archbishop and Elffi as Shura from Ragnarok~

costumes for Sunday: TBA ;D

Well so if you guys feel like wanting to join us with some Ragnarok costumes to make some pictures with us, please feel free to do that!!!


And I sewed a bit! Here some pictures of my costume for Rea from Sankarea

Currently I’m sewing on my costumes for Neko and Hakufu (both nearly finished. Pictures will be posted on my facebook page in a few days ^___^!)

Lucca Comics 2012, in Italy



Hello again,

again I’m crazily late with my report, but here it comes :D!
Together with my dear friend Catspassion I visited Lucca Comics in Italy this year. Thanks to FedericaDN who offered us to stay in their vacation house, we made it possible.
Oh my! it’s such a HUGE convention o.o….totally CRAZY!
But let me tell the story via photos ;D~~~

Lucca is a absolutely beautiful city! It has so many great places <3! See those beautiful places and buildings…
IMG_6834 IMG_6838

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New photos: Leviathan and Kururu

I got some new shots from my costumes :D! Updates for Leviathan and Kururu <3!!!

Kururu Sumeragi - Air Gear Leviathan (Umineko no naku koro ni) Satan & Leviathan (Umineko no naku koro ni) Satan & Leviathan (Umineko no naku koro ni) Satan & Leviathan (Umineko no naku koro ni)

FACTS 2012 in Ghent, Belgium :D!

Hello everybody :D!

finally my report for the great convention in Ghent (Belgium).
I was invited as a judge for the cosplay competitions to FACTS, a con about sci-fi, movie, games and anime&manga ^^! Really nice mix.
I drove by car from my town to Salyu’s place on Friday evening. And directly on Saturday EARLY morning (*cough* 5 am *cough*) we drove to Ghent. We got terrible lost somewhere in Netherlands *LOL*…and arrived 1h later than planned.

I wore two costumes: Saber on Saturday and Kururu on Sunday. here some great photos that N8e took of me <3


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New Costume: Aya Natsume!

to see the complete photo set, click on the image ;D!


RING*Con in Bonn (Germany)

Hello everyone ^.^

here a little report about my day at RING*Con in Bonn this Saturday.
Well it was a totally different style of convention. Usually German cons are never in hotels, but this one is special. It took place at the Maritim hotel in Bonn.
Well the con invited many star guests from series like Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, Lord of the Rings, True Blood and so on ^.^!
Coz photos are always nicer to look at than reading long texts, I’ll just show you some pics XD!

first some impressions from the con area :D
IMG_6207 IMG_6208

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