New Magazine Article: Cosplayer E-Zine No 18

I am really happy about this pretty feature for the cosplay magazine “Cosplayer E-Zine” from Portugal :)


2014: COSPLAYER E-ZINE (Cosplay magazine from Portugal)


You can now buy signed prints of me and Elffi in our store <3~~

Click on the picture to go directly to the store ^___^~~~~

Magazine Articles: COSTOP from China and MANEKO from Chile

Hello :),


I’m really happy and proud that I was allowed to appear in the cosplay magazine COSTOP from China! I got 6 wonderful pages. Thanks a lot that Kira Winter made this possible ^___^!!!

Also I got a feature in the magazine MANEKO from Chile :D! They picked some of my favorite photos. I’m really happy.


2013: COSTOP (Magazine from China) Vol. 23, 6 Pages


2013: MANEKO (Magazine from Chile) Vol. 23, Page 10 – 11

Magazine feature : La Vida en Cosplay, Vol. 16

I’m really happy about the latest magazine feature <3! Thanks a lot to La Vida en Cosplay for this great interview! It’s all translated in Spanish.
2012: La Vida en Cosplay (Spanish Magazine) Vol. 16, Page 44 – 59

Two new interviews =3

Article “What does cosplay mean to you?”

Interview for Maki Eraclea


You can participate on my FACEBOOK FANPAGE ;D!!!!

European Cosplay Gathering 2012 | ComCom in Tijuana

Hello everyone =D!


I’m really proud and very honored to announce that I will be the solo representative for Germany for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) this year :D!

—> What is the ECG? It’s an international cosplay competition like the World Cosplay Summit but just on European area.
There are two categories: solo (one person) and group (2-3 peole). I won solo this time with my Esther Blanchett costume.
The Finals will be held in Paris on the biggest anime and manga convention in Europe: the Japan Expo!
The stage there is amazing and I’m really looking forward to be able to perform there <3 YAY!
Also I’m super glad to meet so many old friends there who also qualified for the competition, as well as meeting a lot of new people. I really love to be in France ^.^~


you can see my performance video here:




And now another topic: This weekend on 31th march there will be my livestream with the ComCom convention in Tijuana (Mexico) . Next to the livestream there will be also a special category in the cosplay competition called “Calssara’s favorite” and I had to make a lil’ selfmade present for that price. Here is the cute pillow I made <3

It’s supposed to be water melons and onigiri xD; I’ll send it directly to the winner ^^

MPromovideo for ComCom (Mexico), Interview with Yuussica magazine (MX), GoSupermodel Interviews in Finnish and German

Hey friends!


Lot’s of news this time…let’s start with the PROMOTION VIDEO I made for the ComCom convention in Tijuana (Mexico) where I’ll be a virtual guest. I announce there all the features that will be on the convention with me :3.


Next topic is an interview I made for the e-magazine Yuussica from Mexico. Thank you very much for this interview *bows*. It’s in English and Spanish!


Last but not least, there are also the German and Finnish versions of the interview I gave for the community GoSupermodel. Thanks a lot again for this great opportunity <3!

goSupermodel – Answers for the Danish girls

Hey friends :D,


after the topic ‘cosplay’ was introduced in the first post, the girls from the community “goSupermodel” could ask me questions. The admin picked some of them and an interview was published :D.

So here are the answers on the questions, that the Danish girls asked me…

If you still have questions, my girls, than you can write them in the comment section of this post ;D. I’ll try to answer them all.

Thanks a lot for the nice time, I really had fun <3~

goSupermodel + more FAQ

Hello everybody =3,

Sørine (WCS team Denmark 2011) gave me the wonderful opportunity to show my cosplay pictures to young girls from an online community goSupermodel she’s working for. You can see it when you click on the screenshot below.
Now the girls may me ask questions. I’ll get their questions on friday and I’m really looking forward what they’ll want to know ♥.
Thanks again, for this opportunity, Sørine ^____^!

So the questions + answers will come after this weekend!

Also I made some more FAQ ! please check out :D~

Photobook lottery <3

Hello friends,

I had a strange idea about a photobook…click the following image to enlarge it and read the story ;D

tell me your opinion about that on CALSSARA COSPLAY FACEBOOK CLUB

Happy New Year 2011 | New Community | Next Convention

Hello Friends,


first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!  I hope this year will be a great as 2011 :3

(It´s Dragon year again <3)


2nd topic: there is a new Cosplay Community called “WORLDCOSPLAY” and I joined as well. I´m pretty sure that this page can become really nice for cosplayers all around the world ^-^. here is my profile ( feel free to add me!):…


my next convention will be Leipzig Bookfair in March 16.-18.
I´ll wear my Esther Blanchett again (together with Aigue-Marine as Ion) and another costume, that I´ll tell you later ;D

COSPLAY COMCOM (Tijuana, Mexico) Feature!

Hello friends,

here are the good news I announced this morning on facebook!
The convention Cosplay ComCom in Tijuana (Mexico) will make a collaboration with me. Coz I cannot attend the convention 2012 personally, I’ll be a virtual special guest for this year ;D.


I´ll give a panel via webcam.I’ll talk about my work as a costume maker and you ask me everything you always wanted to know.

Also there will be a feature in the convention magazine with photos and an interview.

For the cosplay competition there will be a special section “Calssara’s favorite” and the winner will get a special price that is handmade by me <3~.

Beside that the convention will use my photos for banners and other advertisement.


I´m really glad to have this great opportunity. When everything works fine, than you can maybe meet me there in 2013 in person ;D.


Facebook Fanpage of Cosplay Com Com

Official Convention Website

Features in magazine “Yorokonde” and on “AnimeNewsNetwork”

Thanks a lot for those features =D!
Click on the images to read/see the complete articles ^.^~

  • Feature of my Hannah Annafellows (Kuroshitsuji) costume in the online magazine YOROKONDE
  • Feature of my Sora Naegino (Kaleido Star) costume on ANIMENEWSNETWORK.COM

New Videos: WCS 2011 final performance for Kaleido Star

here is the video from our performance for WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT 2011 in Nagoya (Japan) *_*

2011: Video from our KALEIDO STAR skit for World Cosplay Summit 2011 Finals (8th place out of 17)

we got place 8 (out of 17 countries) with 91 points *~*
HERE is a small report of the Results for WCS this year…


2011:Report of YokosoNews Report World Cosplay Summit 2011 finals (8th place out of 17)


Cosplaygen Vol. 03 magazine scan

I finally got my copy of the COSPLAYGEN magazine *_*

Cosplaygen volume 03 feature Calssara Cosplaygen volume 03 feature Calssara

Thanks a lot to the magazine people for this great feature <3!!!!

New Interview: for Gaming Media

The website asked me for an interview.
Here is the result ;D. Click the image and it´ll lead to to the interview page.

Facebook Fanpage

Hey friends,

because so many people wanted to follow me on facebook, I decided to make a separate cosplay fanpage  beside my personal facebook page. so feel free to “like” me ;D


Also I want to thank all people who donated for my next costume works! I never EVER expected that someone would really do that ^///^ . Thanks a lot!


COSPLAY GEN magazine

Hey friends,

I have even more news for you ;D! The third volume of the cosplay magazine “Cosplay Gen” is now available for pre-order! I tell you this, because there will be a small interview with some photos about my costume works in it =3! I´m very happy and really proud and also I look forward to see it soon printed~. Also there will be promotion cards with photos of mine. I´m very curious how it will look >///< *blushes*.

COSPLAY GEN link to the website and shop

YAY~ for Tasha on the cover <3!

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